6am Wrecking Crew up at Colorado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Satori was special this morning. Today, August 2, 2022, Jacob Edward Eppler, was awarded his Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by Professors “Doomsday” Don Westman and Sean Stewart. Purple Belt is no small accomplishment. For Jacob it has been earned through near constant commitment to attending both technique sessions and “roll-a-thon” live training outings, heck, Jacob even puts on the gloves and throws hands every now and again. It has truly been a joy and an honor to have Jacob as a student and we are going to miss him dearly when he joins his family overseas in Germany later this month.

To earn a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu through CBJJS, an athlete must display significant perseverance, spend much time on the mat, endure a good share, if not more than a fair share, of hard training and possess a deep ambition to make oneself better than one was the day before. It takes tenacity as well as talent. Congratulations Jacob. Welcome to Purple. My Professor used to say, “A Purple Belt, a true Purple Belt, is dangerous to everyone, Black Belts and World Champions alike. On any given day the Purple Belt can find victory in any given roll. If you make it to Purple, you can make it to Black, you just have to keep with it!” Keep up the dedicated, committed, and inquisitive training that you have displayed while here at CBJJS Jacob and we have no doubt you will make it to Black Belt! Show those Germans a thing or two about some Colorado Jiu Jitsu when you get over to the old country Jake; maybe include that imanari you are fond of for certain. Way to go Jacob! Way to go Colorado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Satori! Thank you also to all those that came out to participate in and witness Jacob’s big day!


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