Matt Carlson, BJJ Black Belt! On April 20, 2024, Matt Carlson was promoted to the rank of Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by Professor Sean Stewart. What an accomplishment! Matt’s current BJJ instructor, Professor Josh Pulsifer, invited Sean down to Platypus BJJ, located in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, where Matt currently trains, to award Matt the belt. The promotion represents the culmination of not less than 10 years of training, hard work, and perseverance, sometimes including the overcoming of hardship that would, if described here, seem insurmountable. Matt Carlson demonstrated such commitment to training and dedication to the art that for years he would literally run into the Lunchbunch training session up at Colorado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Satori shortly after it started (his work always made him miss the beginning), train – including as many hard rolls as he could fit in – before dashing off to return to work before the session was officially finished. For years: “Who’s that guy who always runs in after class starts and runs out before we wrap up, didn’t catch his name, man he’s tough!” Without a doubt Matt’s commitment to training, perseverance in the face of hurdles that would cause most others to quit, the technical skill he has developed, and his toughness as a BJJ athlete all deserve recognition. Welcome to Black Belt Professor Matt Carlson! Well earned. Well deserved. You are only the ninth athlete to earn the rank of BJJ Black Belt from Colorado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Satori since its inception in 2009. So proud to have you number among the few, the skilled, the dedicated athletes to have earned a CBJJS Black Belt. Brilliant!

This is what Professor Sean Stewart had to say about the event on Facebook:

“What a tremendous day! Today I was able to participate in a momentous event! I was invited down to Platypus BJJ, in Bartlesville, OK, to award Matt Carlson his BJJ Black Belt! Well earned sir, and likely overdue. Matt is only the ninth athlete ever to earn a Black Belt from Colorado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Satori! Way to go Matt! Matt began training at CBJJS way back in the early days of CBJJS, around 2014. It is fitting that 10 years later, in 2024, I received a call from his current BJJ Professor, Josh Pulsifer, stating Matt had to be promoted from Brown to Black. I was honored and overjoyed to be invited to be the one to award one of CBJJS’s best the rank of Black Belt Professor. Few earn the right to the title, and possibly fewer ever deserve it. Matt, without question, has done both! Congratulations Professor Matt Carlson! It turns out that Matt is not the only CBJJ athlete to make his way to Oklahoma, and we were blessed to have Richard Hess – one of my Professor David Ruiz’s first 10 Black Belts – present for the occasion and festivities. What a day! What an event! Brilliant!”

This is what Professor Matt Carlson had to say about the event on Facebook:

“One day soon perhaps I’ll find the right words to express my gratitude for this day. I am deeply humbled by the belief that great men have in me, almost embarrassed. Sean Stewart and Josh Pulsifer are men of great character and integrity, and those are the lessons I hope to pay forward, although their Jiu Jitsu is pretty damn good too. Sean Stewart thank you for making the trip, just boggled my mind. You mean a great deal to me Sir. Josh Pulsifer your open mindedness is very rare, I’ll be talking about this for the rest of my days. Cheers to the future!”





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