Steve Gonzales – BJJ Brown Belt – Instructor CBJJS


Steve Gonzales began training Jiu Jitsu in 2007 at Fusen Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy, a Rickson Gracie Affiliate. Steve was awarded his BJJ Blue Belt by Kron Gracie, Rickson Gracie’s son and BJJ phenom in his own right, who regularly taught seminars at Fusen.

When the Fusen Academy disbanded, Steve became something of a wandering Jiu Jitsu nomad. He trained at various locations throughout the Denver area including a Megaton affiliate before finally wandering into Colorado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Satori for an Open Mat sometime around 2013.

Since 2013, Steve has made CBJJS his home and quickly became a gym stalwart and an indispensable coach in our CBJJS Kids Jiu Jitsu program. Steve competed throughout the ranks, winning the at the Machado Challenge and Fight To Win Tournaments on a number of occasions. While Steve loved competition, he determined that he loved coaching even more and has committed his efforts to helping others improve their Jiu Jitsu, be they kids or adult athletes.

It is Steve’s perseverance and commitment to the art of Jiu Jitsu that is inspiring. Not only is he a talented Jiu Jitsu practitioner and coach, but he has continued to practice and train through the inevitable challenges and hurdles presented by no less than three career changes and the raising (successfully) of two children. No easy accomplishment. Brilliant!

Steve earned his Purple Belt from Professor Sean Stewart in 2019 and his Brown Belt from Professor Sean Stewart in 2024. We are blessed to have Steve sharing his Jiu Jitsu regularly as a CBJJS Instructor.


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