While our opinions may be biased, the Summer Kickoff Party hosted up at Colorado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Stapleton on Sunday, May 21, 2017, was just about the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Colorado! Excellent Jiu Jitsu Open Mat rolling with the door open, the sun shining in, and tunes spun by our very own DJ Smurf (Steve Gonzo) and the Power Pony (Lewi Gault) was followed by an impromptu BJJ Seminar lead by our friend and talented 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Derek Stewart from 10th Planet – Omaha! Derek taught some sweet 10th Planet single leg X guard entries that flowed into an Electric Chair sweep or submission series. Thank you Derek for sharing some of the current developments coming out of Eddie Bravo’s 10th Planet system: It was brilliant! The rolling and seminar were complemented by a tasty BBQ spearheaded by grill master Big Don Westman. Adding to the fun were a couple of Blue Belt promotions: Congratulations to Robert Lilly and Dr. Matt Gnirke on earing their BJJ Blue Belts! Outstanding!! Thank you to all of the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners who came out to share our Sunday fun-day! Rolling, impromptu seminar, BBQ, Promotions…Brilliant! You people are awesome!!

Colorado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Stapleton Summer Kickoff Party:

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