On January 22, 2023, Chad Hankins was awarder his BJJ Black Belt at the annual Colorado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Satori Holiday Extravaganza. We have a new Black Belt! Congratulations to Chad Hankins on earning his BJJ Black Belt up at CBJJS! Well done sir and well deserved! Professor Sean Stewart began training with Chad back in the day at the old original CBJJ academy under Professor David Ruiz. Back then we were Blue Belts together. Chad moved out of state and away from Jiu Jitsu for a number of years, and when he returned to Colorado the old CBJJ academy was no more, but Chad decided to give the CBJJ Satori gym a try and I am now honored and privileged, along with Professors Don Westman and Gregg Stephenson, to give Chad his well earned BJJ Black Belt. Thank you for walking much of your BJJ path with us Chad; I am truly privileged to be able to award you this promotion and remain certain that I can speak for both of us in thanking Professor Dave for Jiu Jitsu!

This is what Chad had to say on Facebook about earning his Black Belt:

“There are a million words to say and a million people to thank…. I started this journey almost 16 years ago and everyone I tagged and so many more, added to this journey I was on. Thank you to Hayley Kendrick, Gregg Stephenson, Don Westman Sean Stewart, Walker Madden, Lewi Gault and everyone believing in me…my gi boyz are the ones that push me every week. I’m thankful for all of CBJJ Satori!”


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