We have an amazing community! And it is precisely because of our amazing community that we will overcome the significant hurdles presented by the arson attack on our CBJJS Academy.

Micah Martin, a longtime CBJJS student, is not only a talented Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner, but also, he is the owner of the Venture Martial Arts Taekwondo studio located in the Northfield Mall.

In response to the June 12, 2022, arson perpetrated upon the CBJJS facility, which has made the CBJJS facility unusable until it is repaired and the smoke damage to the facility mitigated, Micah has offered to allow CBJJS to run its Jiu Jitsu classes out of the Venture Martial Arts space during the times that it is not occupied by Venture Martial Arts programs. Fortunately, this will allow CBJJS to run Jiu Jitsu classes every day of the week, in the morning and at lunch, as well as on Saturday afternoons and Sundays. This will allow CBJJS to continue with a nearly full schedule of Jiu Jitsu classes while we rebuild the CBJJS Academy and mitigate the extensive smoke damage. This is an amazingly generous offer of assistance, and it will allow CBJJS to continue to offer its students excellent instruction at multiple times per day while we overcome the significate obstacles caused by the arson and while repairs are in progress.

The Venture Martial Arts space at the Northfield Mall is less than a mile from the CBJJS facility, located at: 8270 Northfield Blvd, Ste 1450, Denver, CO 80238.

If you know Micah, please thank him for his generosity.

The above Temporary Reconstruction Schedule will be in effect beginning Monday, June 20, 2022.

Let’s train!

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